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For Busy Households

  • Weekly sort the mail, establish online banking, prepare and record checks and deposits
  • Monthly reconcile bank statements, review and record investment transactions, maintain filing
  • Quarterly prepare estimated tax payments, submit claims for employee flex plans, review medical claims
  • End of the year organize records for taxes, prepare annual family financial review, set up files for next year


For Businesses and Not-for-Profit Organizations

According to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, a growing number of businesses are hiring expert problem solvers on a flexible part time basis to deal with administrative tasks.  This saves money.  Rather than create a full time position with responsibilities for benefits and office equipment, pay only for the hours and skills you need. 

 Minding Your Business offers highly qualified and experienced professionals who can work independently to manage the details, freeing you to apply your time and energy to your core business.

  • Organize your paperwork
  • Process bills and receipts
  • Keep accounts payable and accounts receivable up to date
  • Enter transactions into bookkeeping software for accurate reconciling and consistent reporting
  • Build client database so you can keep in touch easily
  • Coordinate with your accountant, lawyer, and insurance agent to provide the information they need 


For Special Assignments

  • Sort and file paperwork appropriately
  • Set up filing systems that work for you
  • Research and gather information for taxes, medical claims, medicaid or VA benefits eligibility