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Susan Greenberg

Susan's career experience includes teaching science and managing databases as a healthcare administrator.  She has served as treasurer and bookkeeper in several service organizations.  And since 2003 she has provided bookkeeping support and daily money management services to numerous local families and businesses. 

Amy Jo Neill

After a career in the financial industry working as a senior administrator and project manager, Amy Jo now works as a fiduciary, daily money manager and household manager.  She also serves as the Treasurer of her local church.  


Diana Jaeger

Diana was a writer/editor before moving into positions of sales and marketing.  Much of her volunteer work involves database management and coordinating people and schedules.

Suzanne Page

Suzanne has been a college professor and research scientist.  Her volunteer activities have included financial management and budgeting.

Our staff members are experienced professionals whose careers have moved from the fast track to the family track.  We share our skills and talents now with our neighboring families and businesses in and near the Rivertowns.  We work with you to sort through the issues, schedule work sessions, organize tasks, and follow through.